lipscollagecn_4246One of the quickest ways to make myself look and feel a little better is to slide on some lipstick. I’m fond of glossy berry shades. If I’m going for a really quick pick me up I’ll just use a neutral liner to line the inside of my lips then put on a bit of gloss or color. If I have an event to attend, first I’ll prep my lips with a foundation before adding the liner and color.

Sometimes my lips need a little extra lovin’. On these days I’ll gently exfoliate using a warm, damp washcloth and slather on some soothing lip moisturizer–such as coconut oil. Sometimes I’ll use a beeswax-based lip balm. I don’t make the use of lip balm a regular habit. It’s an occasional occurrance, usually after I’ve spent an extended period of time outside.