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Owing tons of baked goods to Melia, a hippy chick bears treasure to the masses.

HippyMom holds its first annual retreat in an undisclosed location, deep in the heart of Texas.

Luscious Decadence gets shaky!


Today I had a craving–one of those uncontrollable urges everyone gets once in a while for something completely unhealthy but oh so good.

So, on my way home from work I stopped at the drive-through to pick up a Jamocha Shake from Arby’s. There is something special about a good milk shake comforts me.

There is no shortage of good shake flavors–aside from the old standbys of Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla–many places also offer a wide variety of flavors. I am particularly fond of strawberry and banana or mint chocolate. Any way you like them–some days just call for a smooth, creamy shake!

DecaLush encourages us to awaken ourselves to spring!
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while Melia Lore explores the subject of arranged marriages.
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Calming Winds visualizes a psychic spring cleaning
and The Inside Life takes a journey with small things we usually don’t notice

It’s been a very busy few weeks in my house. We moved rather suddenly and somewhere in the frantic rush of packing, moving, painting, repairs, and unpacking the chill of winter started to give way to the warmth of spring. Lakes that were frozen just a few days ago are not completely melted and the ground that was hard and unyielding and become the moist, soft earth that will bring forth the fruits of the earth. The sun, so recently hidden behind snowy clouds is now shining brightly and warming the air.

Now is the time to wake from the rest of winter and enjoy the promise of new life. Listen to the birds in the trees, feel the gentle warmth of the sun, smell the ground before the rain comes, spend a little time to just be. Take a walk in your neighborhood and notice how the world around you wakes up with the changing seasons. Notice the new growth, the shoots coming up through the dirt. Allow yourself to regenerate with the earth as the season turns.

Sometimes no matter how busy life gets, everyone needs to take some time to notice the world outside their window. Today is your day–enjoy it.


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Calming Winds goes Karmic!

I love a long soak as much as the next girl. There are just those times when taking a bath is not that practical. Either I’m in a rush, or I don’t feel well, or well I’m just too tired to safely soak in a tub. For those days, I enjoy a nice, steaming shower.

I view a shower as a meditation for myself. Not only am I cleaning my body, but I am taking the time to focus my mind. I always feel better after a shower–energized and ready to face whatever is coming my way.

Some tips for making the most of your shower:
Choose your soap carefully. I tend to match my scent to my mood–some days I like something citrus, other days I go for fruity (with berry scents being my favorite), and still others I want something lighter or floral. My personal preference is for soft soaps–either shower gels or the jelly type soaps that Lush puts out. However, there are times when a good old fashioned bar of soap is called for.

Set the water at a comfortable temperature for you. While I prefer hot and steaming, you may be more comfortable with lukewarm water. It’s hard to enjoy yourself if you feel like your skin is on fire or you’re shivering from the cold.

Have towels and a robe ready for you and something (towel, bathmat, etc) covering the floor. It’s rather shocking to step out of a nice steaming shower onto the freezing tile.

Don’t let thoughts about work, classes, family, or that chore that just must be done intrude. This is your time, revel in it.

For an extra treat, I take a damp washcloth and put a little skin oil on it and rub it on myself while my skin is still damp. This makes my feel very soft as it dries.

Also, try to avoid rubbing your body to dry it, gently pat the moisture away and air dry as much as possible. This is where having robe comes in handy. Just pat the excess moisture from your skin and put the robe on until your skin dries on its own. I use this time to grab a cuppa, put on my lotion, or put my hair up.

Even just a few minutes in the morning can really make a difference in my attitude and overall outlook for the day.

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Aurora Hope is excited to participate in the March for Babies walk this year!


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