It’s been a very busy few weeks in my house. We moved rather suddenly and somewhere in the frantic rush of packing, moving, painting, repairs, and unpacking the chill of winter started to give way to the warmth of spring. Lakes that were frozen just a few days ago are not completely melted and the ground that was hard and unyielding and become the moist, soft earth that will bring forth the fruits of the earth. The sun, so recently hidden behind snowy clouds is now shining brightly and warming the air.

Now is the time to wake from the rest of winter and enjoy the promise of new life. Listen to the birds in the trees, feel the gentle warmth of the sun, smell the ground before the rain comes, spend a little time to just be. Take a walk in your neighborhood and notice how the world around you wakes up with the changing seasons. Notice the new growth, the shoots coming up through the dirt. Allow yourself to regenerate with the earth as the season turns.

Sometimes no matter how busy life gets, everyone needs to take some time to notice the world outside their window. Today is your day–enjoy it.