I have a confession–I am a busy woman. To be perfectly honest, I have yet to meet a woman who is not busy. I have so many different roles, responsibilities, and jobs to do that some days I am just plain confused. Add to this my habitual procrastination and you get a confused crisis ready to break at any given time.

Not exactly conducive to living a peaceful life. It can be extremely stressful for everyone around me and it’s just not healthy for me either.

I was recently given some advice by a wise woman. She was speaking at a conference I was lucky to attend and she told us all to do the tasks we least like to do first so that we can truly be in the moment the rest of the day. I had to sit back and think about the last time I was truly living in the moment. Eventually it hit me, I just don’t live like that. I honestly could not remember when the last time I was 100% present in anything. What a revelation!

I don’t think I was the only one.

We all have responsibilities and worries. There will always be something that we should be doing, another bill that must be paid, a family member who needs something, more responsibilities, another crisis, something new to worry about. That’s just reality.

What we can do is take some time every day to be in the moment–even for just 5 minutes. Spend some time with a loved one, do something to nourish your soul, take care of your body, exercise your mind–whatever you choose to do–be there completely. Whatever you are worried about will still be there when you are done. But by allowing yourself to be where you are when you are, even for a moment can help you deal with everything else.

Not only does allowing yourself to be fully present benefit you–it will also benefit those around you. We’ve all talked to someone who we knew just wasn’t listening to us. How many times has that “someone” been you? What have you missed because you are so busy worrying about later that you cannot see right now?

So today, pick something–anything and give it 100% of your attention. Don’t worry about tomorrow or next week or next month. Live in the present–this moment, right here, right now.