Sometimes the best thing you can give yourself is to give of yourself to someone else. Everyone has bad days or moments and sometimes it’s not something big that gets you through but something small that someone else did or said that can make the day seem brighter. Here are 10 things that anyone can do for someone else.
1) Hold the door open. In the age of the automatic door, sometimes I forget that there are doors that need to be opened manually. Now imagine trying to do that in the wind or rain with your hands full of stuff or kids. Think about that the next time you see someone struggling to open a door.

2) Send a little note. Whether you choose a card, stationary, or just something quick jotted on a post-it sometimes people just need to see “I’m thinking about you”.

3) Practice random acts of kindness. I’ve seen people put cash or small cards on windshields in a parking lot, send “secret pal” letters, or even just randomly hand something to someone on the street.

4) Make a call–call a friend or family member you’ve not heard from in a while. Take the time to really catch up.

5) Treat someone to lunch or coffee–just because.

6) Drop a small gift in the mail, on their porch, or on their desk. It doesn’t have to cost anything–even a fresh-picked spring flower can bring a big smile and brighten someone’s day.

7) Share a song–happy song, funny song, a song from “remember when”.

8) Make a special treat–a favorite something that they don’t get very often.

9) Give a complement–we all have days when we don’t like ourselves very much, remind someone that there’s something to like about them.

10) Remember to smile–so much can be conveyed without words. Smile at someone to let them know that you’re glad they are there.