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Tonight will be a rare treat in my world–an evening out with my husband while someone else watches the hoarde. We are so caught up in the day to day details of kids, housework, bills, job, school, life that we don’t often take the time to reconnect. Even when we do have a minute, we may not put any effort into spending time together. As I grow, I’m realizing that we get out of life what we put into it. If I’m only willing to give 30 seconds to my partner every once in a while, I can’t expect to get more from him.

When you think about having a “date” or “night on the town”, what are your thoughts? Are you someone who gets all dressed up even if you’re sitting in the living room or do you prefer a more casual approach? There’s no right or wrong way to go about it. The point is to make the effort to connect with someone else.

For tonight’s date, my husband helped me pick out an outfit that I feel attractive in and that he likes to see me in. Because this isn’t just about me, I wanted to ask his opinion. Again, that helps us reconnect. I’ll take the time to pamper myself while getting ready because it’s so much easier for me to connect to someone else when I feel good about myself.

I will be the first to admit that tonight’s event is very rare–we have to find ways to reconnect when we don’t have the ability to go out for the night. There are so many different ways to reconnect with your loved ones.

Do something you enjoy together. We are fond of music and spend some evenings practicing the guitar together. We may not be very good yet but we have a good time.

Do something for your friend/partner/family member. Make a favorite treat or meal, give a massage, leave little cards or notes where they can be found, take over a chore for the day, pick flowers from the yard. The focus is not on what you do, just that you do something for someone else.

Spend some time just being. Life gets so hectic sometimes that we forget to stop and just be for a minute. Try to take the time to just sit together for a while.

No matter what you choose to do, focus on being in the moment with the ones you love. Allow yoursef to reconnect without expectations. A date can be anything you want it to be.

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How many times do you drive down your block? Walk your kids to school? Pass the corner store on your way somewhere else? How many times to do pay attention to the details that make up your surroundings? Do you see the beauty that surrounds you as you go about your daily business? Do you know how to look for beauty in everyday life?

So many days, I am busily rushing from one place to the next–from home to grab a cup of coffee to work to lunch to the grocery store and back home again that I don’t often have the time to stop and look at the world around me. Because I spend so much time in my car or office, I have started to notice the little things that make the world beautiful. Paying attention to those little details as I go about my daily life helps to keep me grounded and can bring peace after a difficult or tiring day.

In the spring time, the lilacs are blooming in the bush in my yard and two doors down the neighbor has an abundance of orange daylillies that sway gently in the breeze. There is a miniature woodland that boarders the parking lot of my local coffee shop–looking lush and green in the spring and summer, fading into a riot of color with the fall, and providing a beautiful backdrop for the sparkling snow in the winter. As I turn a curve on my way to the office, I see the mist rising off the lake with the sunlight glinting off the rippling surface, maybe there is a fisherman on a boat on the lake, maybe there is a flock of ducks or geese, always there is an abundance of water plants. After I pass the lake I notice the sunlight shining on the remains of an old silo sandwiched between a house and condo development, looking like the relic from earlier times that it is. It rises majestically out of the grass, towering over the modern houses around it. As I work throughout the day, I take frequent peeks a the garden tended with care by a coworker or at the plants growing around the few windows we have. I look outside at the sun shining or at the rain falling on the flowers and trees, I see the birds and small animals that live in the land around the building. Someone put some fairly clings on one of the windows that overlooks a fairly wooded section of the cemetery next door–when the sun hits it just right it’s a lovely surprise.

Take a minute this week and think about all the beauty that exists in your community. Look around you as you drive to work, school, or the grocery store. Pay attention to the little details that surround you making the world an incredibly beautiful place to be.

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