The weather is turning cool and the leaves are turning color. It’s officially autumn, the summer has passed for another year. While I am not overly fond of autumn as a season–not liking the cooler weather or the realization that snow is just around the corner, there a several wonderful things about this season.

Fall is harvest time and that means an abundance of treats that are wonderfully fresh and delicious! Some of my favorite harvest-time treats include:
Squash–there’s just something comforting about roasted squash. It can be served sweet or savory, depending on the seasonings and often becomes the meal itself.
Fresh potatoes–now I know that potatoes can be had year round but those that come from the local farms are firmer, with a finer texture and just plain taste better than some of those that are found later in the year.
Corn—this is not something I normally indulge in. This year my family discovered a farmer who runs an urban farm in a neighboring city who uses organic farming methods. I have to say that his corn was the BEST I’ve had in several years–and we’ve tried it from just about all the local farms.
Apples–I am not an apple fan most of the year. There’s just something special about fresh-picked apples.
Apple Cider–with the apples comes the fresh cider. I am lucky enough to live near enough cider mills to have my pick of the best cider in the area. There is something so refreshing about the sweet-crisp taste of cider. It’s such a versatile drink too–when it’s cold outside we’ll heat it up with some spices and either drink the mulled cider or add a bit of caramel sauce to drink “caramel apples”.
Raspberries–in my area the best time for raspberries is in the fall. They are so big and bursting with flavor!

There are so many ways to enjoy the fruits of the harvest–what are some of your favorites?