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Ever since I started working FT, I’ve had to tone down my hobby: cooking. I find that I do not have enough energy after being gone 10+ hours a day to create the same quality of freshly-prepared goodness as I would like. So, I tend to limit my treat making to weekends and holidays.

When I cook—I COOK. The kitchen becomes a whirlwind of activity as enough good food to feed a small army (or my family) comes out. One of my favorite cooking activities is brunch–much too heavy for breakfast or lunch alone. My family enjoys brunch on those rare occasions when it’s available. I take a few of our favorite dishes and make one mega-meal that makes everyone asking for more.

It doesn’t have to be complicated–frequently our brunches will include some type of starch: french toast (a good way to use stale bread), pancakes, biscuits, or hash browns (freshly shredded), a meat: bacon, sausage, ham (the hubs won’t eat non-meat food often–so if I’m making it special, I’ll add some meat), eggs: either in french toast or scrambled with cheese. Depending on what meat is used, I may make a gravy and we always have fresh fruit (usually apples, oranges, and bananas) and tea, coffee, milk, water.

Summertime brings more cold foods–yogurt with toppings, smoothies, fruit salad, bread/biscuits with honey. In the winter we want heartier, warm foods: eggs, gravy, oatmeal, cocoa. The point is to make something the whole family will enjoy and sit down to eat together–something we rarely have time to do anymore since one of us is always on the go. Coming back to the table together is always a nice treat.


It appears that most of the Hippys have been gearing up for The Hippymom Fall Harvest Fair so the blogging has been light this week.

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