‘Tis the holiday season around here. It’s time for the annual treat-a-thon where I mange to somehow produce a ton of delicious goodies for friends and family to gorge themselves on. This has become one of the ways in which I cope during the winter. I start planning in October–looking at the prices of supplies, finalizing the menus, picking up things that can be frozen in advance or saved until now. In November, people start asking about their favorites and whether they’ll make the annual “cut” and by December I’ll have my last-minute lists ready to go and my plan of attack completed.

I tend to stack things—I can easily make something melted while the cookies are baking, and cookies tend to bake better after the oven is nice and heated; like after the baklava is baked. Some things can be made with little effort: marzipan. Other things need a little more care: caramels.

Treatmaking day means the entire family gets with the program–kids can stir and spread and mix up cookie dough. They can roll out and cut marzipan shapes and sugar cookies. They can choose the coating for the truffles and the flavors for the fudge. Their favorite task (at least in my house) is smashing the cookies. There’s one special holiday cookie that we make every year–no matter what and my kids just love smashing the cookies flat on the pan.

At the end of the evening, there is always a special little treat for the candy makers. After all, we have to make sure that those goodies are good enough to share. 🙂

Some of my favorite holiday treats: items marked * are made every year, others are made on my whim.




Aggression Cookies*

Caramels–both chocolate topped and plain

Sugar plums


Sugar Cookies

Apricot-Coconut Balls


What are some of your favorite holiday treats?