I try to do something special for New Year’s Eve. Some years we have take out, some years I’ll make a special candy, cookie, or pastry. This year I wanted to make a special meal. Something to linger over and fill the house with delicious scents as we wave goodbye to the past and usher in the coming year.

In preparation, I took a good look in my pantry and freezer. While I wanted to make a nice meal, I didn’t want to break the bank to do so. Deep in the bottom of the freezer we found a leg of lamb that I had gotten on clearance during my last meat shopping binge a couple months ago. An idea was born–wouldn’t it be great to learn to cook something new using a new food item to celebrate the new year?

I have never in my life cooked lamb. I don’t even eat meat all that often. To say I was intimidated would be an understatement. Still, lamb is one of Da Man’s favorite foods and a celebration is the perfect time to serve up a favorite food.

Luckily for me, the blogosphere is full of many talented cooks who are willing to share their recipes and tips with the world. Off on a search I went. After sifting through and discarding a variety of recipes for lamb, I found Farmgirl Fare. Specifically I found this recipe for slow roasted lamb.

I chose her recipe over others because it uses items I keep on hand and it created a one-pot meal. Since Da Man does the clean-up, I wanted to keep the mess to a minimum. I did make some changes to reflect our personal tastes.  I made several small slits in the lamb and slid in pieces of sliced garlic. Rosemary was used in addition to the oregano in both the lamb and potatoes. While I did use her idea for adding the chopped lemons to the potatoes, I forgot to drizzle the potatoes with olive oil. Still, this was one of the best celebratory meals I have ever cooked.

The meat was increadibly tender and flavorful (as judged by the soulful moan escaping from Da Man when he took a test taste) and the lemons added some extra zing to the roasted potatoes. I served this with my homemade crockpot applesauce, some fresh tzatziki sauce, simple steamed veggies, and some fresh bread from a grocery.

Later this evening we’ll toast in the New Year with some  Blueberry Wine from Leelanau Wine Cellars. Add in a midnight snack of cheese, olives, and bread and we have a perfect celebration!