I have a habit of moving frequently. Ever since I was a very small child, it’s been rare for me to be anywhere more than a year or so. Constantly changing environments bring their own stresses as well as their own joys. Though the years I have learned to create some space for myself wherever I happen to be. I make some space in hotel rooms, camp sites, dorm rooms, and in every new home my family finds. It’s second nature by now. Since I am not tied to any geographical location, I have adapted to bring “home” with me. And at the end of the day, wherever I am, my space is where I go first to center, relflect, and often cleanse myself of all the junk the day can bring.

Anyone can create space. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. When I’m moving around frequently or staying out of town, my space is usually some small items of personal meaning that are carried in a small pouch. My last portable space included a cloth, a satin bag filled with stones–some gems, some treasures from my children, some sage and sweetgrass, and a gift from an old friend. What I carry with me depends on my purpose, needs, and how I’m feeling when I pack. It’s not a standard “kit”–it’s something that I can easily tailor to meet my needs.

At home, I have several spots–my desk where I go to think, my tub where I go to relax, and my sacred space, where I can meditate and cleanse myself of all the energy I’ve picked up during the day. I may come in the room, get come comfy clothes on, light a couple candles, burn some incense, turn on some music and just let myself be for a few minutes. I may turn on some different music and burn off some steam. I may just spend some quiet time with my spot and recenter myself.

Everybody should have a spot or two of their own. Somewhere to go when life gets rough, when you are lost in thought, or when you have this great idea that needs to get out. Where do you go when you need to be–to think, to relax, or to create?