One of my favorite things to do for myself is enjoy a nice meal, solo. Yesterday I was given an unexpected last minute chance to head out for dinner by myself. I could have just grabbed something at the drive-thru and been home earlier. Drive-thru is just not my thing.

Instead I headed over to this little lake front Chinese restaurant that I’ve been going to since I was a girl. It’s cold here so I opted out of the window seat, instead getting a cozy booth with a stunning lake view on an inside wall. Before even taking my seat, I was greeted by a breathtakingly beautiful view of the sunset over the lake. When I entered the restaurant it was at that time that was not quite twilight but close.

As I was perusing the menu, the sky was changing from the light blues of afternoon to the darker blues, purples, and oranges of twilight. The snow and ice on the lake were pale and shimmering against the darkening sky. The bright, orange-red sun shone through the large windows. From my seat, I could see the tree in the courtyard still lit up for the holidays and the garden lying dormant, just waiting for spring to come again. I allowed the peace of the evening wash over me. It was a beautiful way to wind down from the day.

By the time my meal arrived, it was full dark outside and the lights were sparkling against the windows. I turned to my meal and my book, enjoying the peace of a nice meal and a good book. My meal finished, the next chapter read, I was able to return home to my family relaxed and refreshed thanks to my unexpected night out.