My family could always tell when I was getting bored. One day I’d go to bed with mid-back length brown braids and the next day I’d be out and about with a shoulder length (or shorter) burgundy ‘do. There’s just something so refreshing about changing up the hair.

I tend to stick with tones of red–auburn, burgundy–the darker the better you won’t find any strawberry blonde on me! Every once in a great while I’ll venture into the land of blonde. Since I’m a natural brunette, blondes require more maintenance than I am usually willing to devote. Wash and wear is my hair motto. If I can’t wash it and go, you can bet it’s a ponytail or braid. I never said I was a girly girl–much to my mother’s dismay.

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of girl. We never had the extra money to pay someone to color my hair so I’d venture to the world of the public beauty supply store. No drugstore boxed kits for me! Wandering down the hair color aisle, I’d be bombarded by different brands and colors. Grabbing the developer and a few (depending on how long my hair was *that* trip) boxes of color, I was on my way to a whole new hair adventure.

As I got older, I started thinking about what I was putting on my hair. All those chemicals smell nasty and are not good for the environment. Then I discovered henna. Henna–finally a hair color I could use while pregnant! (A state it felt I was constantly in for about 3-4 years.) Henna combines the best of both worlds–tomboy meets girly. What else can make a mud-like paste that will color your hair or your skin? (aka henna tattoos–body art without needles!)

I can’t say that I’ve fallen off the chemical dye wagon for good. Sometimes you just want a nice, bright, purple streak or five in your hair. Still, if it’s been a long time between dye jobs I’m more likely to just grab a brick of henna and mud up the hair. The color is less obvious as it fades and my hair feels so wonderfully soft afterward.

As winter winds down and the blahs set in, it’s time to start thinking about a new ‘do. Do I go for a trim, something really short, or somewhere in between? Should I opt for more henna, using up the old boxes of dye, or try something completely new? What do you do when it’s time for a change in your everyday hair?