We get so caught up in the almighty dollar. It dictates whether we can eat, or clothe ourselves, what kind of education (if any) we get, and just about everything in between. So many people, myself included, have been too busy “earning a living” to just live. How much time is wasted while waiting for “a better time”. There is no better time than now and tomorrow is not promised. 

I didn’t come to this easily. In fact, it took some really harsh smacks by reality to get here. My husband suffered a severe accident at work several years ago. He survived, but he’s not the same. We’ve been mourning that loss ever since. Then my dad developed cancer, I lost 2 grandmothers–one to cancer and one to old age, another family member developed cancer, and an old friend disclosed that she’s now struggling with cancer again. While I have my own health issues, I’ve never had cancer. I cannot possibly begin to understand the personal hell each of these individuals has walked through in their journey. What I can understand is that time keeps moving, and while my job will be there tomorrow, my loved ones may not be. And spending time with friends and family enriches me beyond words.

So here’s a list of things I will not regret:

  1. Taking time to visit old friends
  2. Spending time with my family
  3. Instituting regular family activities with my kids
  4. Indulging my passion for a good book (or twenty)
  5. Allowing myself to just be
  6. Increasing the family musical instrument collection
  7. Prioritizing down time for both myself and my husband
  8. All the hours spent holding my babies 
  9. Finding the beauty in every day
  10. Anything done that brings some joy to someone else.

Instead of focusing solely on survival, I started focusing on the memories. I cannot regret that.